Multi-Platform Usage


You can use our Online MBOX File Splitter on all major operating systems with a stable internet connection.

MBOX Splitter Online is the fastest and easiest way to split your large MBOX files into smaller, more manageable mailbox files.

With our innovative web-based application, you can quickly and seamlessly divide any large MBOX file by year, size or sender - with just a few clicks.

How to Use MBOX Splitter Online?

Step 1

Drag and Drop or Browse the MBOX file to the online solution interface.

Step 2

Select the Split Option (e.g. split by year, size, and sender)

Step 3

Click on Split MBOX file with one click & download the new file.

Customize Your Split with MBOX File Splitter

Smart Splitting Options

Tailor the splitting process to your specific needs with customizable options. MBOX Splitter Online includes a few other customizable split methods. You can choose to split your MBOX file by year in sequence, by size, or by sender. These smart split settings provide more flexibility to divide your MBOX file to facilitate compliance and storage needs.

The Splitting Method Includes:

  • Split by Year - Create yearly archives of the MBOX file by year.
  • Split by Size - Specify the desired size limit (MB) or (GB) for each split file generated.
  • Split by Sender - Automated way to sort email messages based on the email addresses.

So whether you need to split MBOX files based on file size limits, date ranges, or folder structures, Mbox File Splitter offers a range of customization options to ensure that you have full control over how your email data is organized.

Efficient File Splitting

Splitting large MBOX files into smaller, more manageable segments has never been easier. With Mbox File Splitter, you can efficiently organize your email data based on various criteria such as date ranges, sender names, or subject lines. Bid goodbye to inbox clutter and say hello to simplified email management.

Compatible with Multi Source MBOX Files

Our MBOX Splitter Online is compatible with a wide range of email clients and MBOX file formats, and supports splitting of all MBOX file versions/types including:

  1. Apple Mail
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Postbox
  4. Eudora
  5. Entourage
  6. Pocomail

Note: If you receive any formatting error messages during upload or processing, contact our 24/7 customer support for troubleshooting assistance.

Seamlessly integrate our tool with your existing email infrastructure and experience hassle-free email management.

Why Choose MBOX Splitter Online?

With Free MBOX File Splitter, save time and mitigate risks compared to manual MBOX file splitting. Our online tool offers:

  • Dedicated 24*7 customer support via live chat & email support.
  • A secure cloud platform requires no downloads or installation.
  • Keep original MBOX intact while creating unlimited splits
  • Better organise, and handle large MBOX files with ease.

Prime Features of MBOX Splitter Free

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface: The MBOX File Splitter Free comes out with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Users can easily divide their large MBOX file into small portions in a few clicks.
  • Split by sender, year range or size: The online solution comes with multiple splitting options to manage the data files effectively. Users can break the MBOX file with a size limit, year and sender.
  • Handles large MBOX files: The online solution is built with advanced algorithms and directly splits MBOX files from your browser. This MBOX Splitter Online is capable of handling large MBOX files without failures.
  • Preserves original folder structure: The MBOX Splitter Free preserves the original structure and meta attributes of the file & folder. The software maintains an intact hierarchy of messages, including the count of read and unread messages.
  • No software to install: This is a web-based solution that requires no software installation or any other application. Moreover, the online MBOX splitter does not store any data on the backend; the splitting process occurs directly from the web browser.

Use Cases for MBOX File Splitter

  • For Business Professionals: Our MBOX file splitting tools are perfect for professionals who need to efficiently organize and manage their email archives.
  • For Digital Nomads: Your email inbox is your lifeline to clients, collaborators, and opportunities around the world so keep it organized and clutter-free with Mbox File Splitters.
  • For Students and Researchers: Our MBOX file splitting tools are perfect for students and researchers who need to organize and manage large volumes of email data.
  • For Personal Use: MBOX File Splitters are perfect for individuals who want to declutter their inbox and organize their email archives, simplifying their email management workflow.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Find Answers to the Most Common Questions About MBOX Splitter Free

Follow simple steps to split MBOX files:

  • Open Browser & Go to MBOXFileSplitter.com
  • Simply Drag & Drop files to the solution interface.
  • Select the customized split option as a requirement.
  • Click on Split to divide the MBOX File into smaller parts.

Ans. Our easy-to-use MBOX Splitter Online allows you to quickly split any large MBOX file into smaller, more manageable parts with just a few clicks. Simply upload your file, and choose your desired split mode like date range, size limit, or sender.

Ans. Yes, Free MBOX works seamlessly across all operating systems and devices. You can access the online solution from Windows, Mac, and Linux machines as well as iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.

There are multiple errors associated with the oversized MBOX files including the

  • Data corruption
  • Slow email clients
  • Storage & Sync Errors

By splitting your large MBOX archives using our reliable MBOX Splitter Online, you can avoid troubles like data loss, program freezes, and wasted time waiting for emails.

No file size limits! The MBOX file splitter does not impose any file size limitation. Our online solution is entirely free and allows you to split any file size with a 100% success rate.