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At MBOX File Splitter Online, safeguarding your privacy is our top priority. We believe in transparency regarding the information we collect and how it is utilized to enhance your browsing experience on our website.

Information We Collect

We collect minimal information from you, such as your name and email address, which you may provide in the following instances:

When We Collect Information

We gather your information when:

How We Use Your Information

We use your data for the following primary purposes:

Personalization: To tailor your browsing experience and offer content and product recommendations aligned with your preferences.

Website Improvement: To improve the functionality and user-friendliness of our website.

Protection of Your Information: Ensuring the security of your data is paramount. Here's how we maintain the security of your information:

No Vulnerability Scanning or PCI Scanning: We do not conduct these activities.

No Credit Card Requests: As a technical site, we will never request your credit card information.

Regular Malware Scanning: We conduct routine scans to uphold a safe browsing environment.

SSL Certificates: Your data is encrypted using SSL certificates to enhance security.

Cookies – Improving Your Experience

We utilize cookies to enhance your browsing experience. You can adjust your cookie preferences in your browser settings. Please note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our website.

Third-Party Assurance: Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We do not sell, trade, or transfer your information to third parties.

Third-Party Links: Occasionally, we may feature third-party brands or services on our website. Please be aware that these sites have their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for their content or activities.

Session Cookies: Session Cookies are temporary files stored only while you are actively browsing a website. They are automatically deleted from your device upon exiting the browser.

Persistent Cookies: Conversely, Persistent Cookies remain on your device for a predetermined period after closing the browser and are reactivated each time you revisit the website.

Cookies And Browsing Settings

Most browsers offer a Help feature to assist you in managing cookies. This feature allows you to prevent the browser from accepting new cookies, receive notifications when new cookies are received, and disable all cookies entirely. Additionally, it enables you to easily deactivate similar data used by browser add-ons like Flash cookies.

Disabling Analytical Cookies: To disable the Analytics Cookies utilized by us, click on the following link:

Disabling Behavioral Cookies: If you wish to disable the Behavioral Cookies employed by us, click on the following link:

By managing your cookie preferences, you can exercise greater control over your online privacy and browsing experience.

Keeping You Informed

Should we make any alterations to our privacy policy at MBOX Splitter, we will promptly update this page. Although we do not send individual notifications, we encourage you to revisit our privacy statement periodically to stay informed.

Why We Collect Your Email Address

We collect your email address for the following purposes:

Thank you for placing your trust in If you have any concerns or questions regarding your privacy, please contact us at