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Here’s How to Split MBOX files by Year

Published On April 4th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

In today’s digital world, managing large email files can be difficult. Looking for solution to split MBOX files by year? If so, with Online MBOX Splitter software you can easily organize and manage your old emails, making your job easier than before.

In this blog, we will dive into more details and learn what is this solution and what is “split by year” feature. How to use this feature, and what are the advantages of using this feature? We will also find the steps of how you can split your email files with the help of this feature.

What is the Solution to Split MBOX files by Year?

It is a well-known tool to simplify the management of MBOX files, making it easier to manage, share, and store your email data. With its natural interface and advanced features, the tool simplifies splitting large MBOX files into smaller, more manageable files.

Now Let’s Understand What is MBOX Split by Year Feature

This feature is a valuable tool that allows you to manage and organize your emails more easily. This feature easily breaks your emails into separate folders based on the year they are sent or received.


Advantages of Using the “Spilt by Year” Feature

  • Easy Management: The “Split by Year” feature helps you keep your inbox easily manageable, making it easier to find particular email files. This process can be particularly good when you are finding or managing your past email files which sent or received.
  • Time-Saving Functionality:  The “Split by Year” option saves time by removing the need to organize by hand through thousands of emails. This time-saving effect can be a large advantage for users or business people who often deal with large amounts of email files. By using this time-saving feature users can improve their working time.
  • Easy to Backup and Recovery: Accessing emails by year makes it easy to do the backup and recovery job. This option makes it easy to create a backup or restore for a particular year.
  • Storage Management: By dividing MBOX files by year, you can reduce storage space usage, keeping older emails in separate files and making present emails accessible.
  • Data Security: We ensure that your emails are safe and secure with the MBOX Split website. Because the splitting process happens in your web browser, not any third-party servers. It is store in your local system. So, for this reason, you don’t have to worry about your data security.
  • Results: The result of the splitting process is multiple MBOX files, each containing email messages from in which year it is sent or received.

 How to use the “Split by Year” Option

Now follow these steps carefully to split your files by year

Step 1: Go  to the the Website

Start by opening your web browser and open the website. You can do this by typing the URL which is www.mboxfilesplitter.com into the address bar of your preferred search engine. Or you can click on that link and it takes you automatically to your default search engine.

Step 2: Select Your Files

On this website now you can drag and drop your MBOX files or Choose the MBOX file containing the emails you wish to split by year.

Step 3: Select Split by Year option

Click on the Split by Year option and select the year for which you want the data.

Step 4: Start the Running Process

Now click “Split MBOX file” on the website to start the splitting process. It will automatically arrange the email data into separate MBOX files based on the year you chose.

Step 5: Access the Arranged Data

Once the splitting process is complete, you can access the organized older emails. Now you can download or access these split files as you want.


For dividing emails from the MBOX files and managing the older emails or finding some particular emails users need to split the MBOX files. To help them, we have written this blog post and provided the best and easiest method for splitting MBOX files.

With the help of the tool to split MBOX files by year, it is easy to manage and access emails from different periods. Organize, access easily, and manage your older emails improving your productivity.