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Split Google Takeout Files Online with a Secure Solution

Published On April 12th, 2024 • 8 Min Read

Google Takeout is a service by Search Giant Google that provides a handy way to download your data and move it to another device. Using this application, you can manage and store a large chunk of your data from Google’s digital domain to your own. Whenever you download your personal information using Google Takeout, you find it tricky to manage huge MBOX files. In the evolving landscape of technology, the Google Takeout Online Splitter solution helps you to Split Google Takeout files easily.

If you have a keen desire to get an in-depth idea of what Google Takeout is, how we can extract files using Google Takeout, and how to split large files, we highly recommend you explore the content of this post. Read the whole write-up to receive valuable gems about what Google Takeout is and how to extract Google Takeout files.

What is Google Takeout?

Whenever an individual creates a Google account and uses it across devices, Google collects all the information related to search history, YouTube activities, Payment Methods, Emails, and more. Google Takeout, a service by Google, offers the flexibility of taking control over your data and downloading it to the local storage.

The Google Takeout tool is useful when migrating your personal information to a different platform or taking a backup. This exclusive tool archives your Google data in a Zip file format. You should also extract a zip file to collect MBOX files, which is a standard format for storing your email history.

MBOX file email archives manage and store a colossal email history of a couple of years, which is incredibly complicated to manage and work with. Split Google Takeout files is a complex solution to this problem.

Different Ways to Extract Google Takeout Files for Splitting

Whenever you extract your personal information with Google Takeout, you will receive a Zip file. Before splitting, you must extract a zip file to collect a huge Mailbox file. Various online tools are available to extract huge email folder from .zip format.

  • With Windows Explorer
  1. Go to Windows File Explorer.
  2. Right-click on the Google Takeout Zip file.
  3. Now, choose the option “ Extract All” to open your files.
  4. Now, move the file inside a particular area.
  • Use Third-Party Zip Utility Files

You can open these third-party Zip utility files whenever you want to extract Google Takeout Files. Multiple Zip utility tools will help you extract these Zip utility files. You can use WinZip, WinRAR, or 7 Zip to open the Zip files on your Windows or Mac. These third-party Zip utility tools will help you Unzip Google Takeout Files.

  • Use Finder on a Mac

We can explore these Zip files using Finder on a Mac. In Finder on a Mac, control-click on the Google Takeout Zip file. Now, choose Open with “Archive utility” to get these files out.

Once the extraction process is done, you will find the resulting MBOX files in a folder structure. The size of these MBOX files is quite huge, and because of this hefty size, you will need an online Splitter solution to split Google Takeout Files.

These ways will help you to unpack Google Takeout files.

Download and Use Online Splitter to Split Google Takeout Files

You get these files in the Mail folder after you have extracted Google Takeout files. Now, it is necessary to split these Google Takeout Files. The online Google MBOX splitter tool is a web-based application that helps us split large Google Takeout files into smaller files. Using our online splitter solution, you can access the diverse ways to split these Google Takeout Files. Let’s consider the myriad options for splitting these Google takeout files.

  • Access Split by Size Option

You can use the online solution to split the hefty email mailbox files. User can choose the online splitter tool to reduce the file size of takeout email files. You can select the desired size in MB or GB, which will help you split the files without any chaos.

  •  Choose Split By Year Option

You have email archives of several years, which you can split using the Split by Year option.

  • Split by Sender Option

User can use the split-by-sender option to split the emails sent by a particular sender over the years. Finally, the huge takeout files of a specific sender will be split using the sender option.

How do you quickly split Google Takeout files using online solution?

You can easily split Google Takeout files using Online Splitter Software. Perform the following steps.

  1. Visit the MBOX online Splitter website.
  2. Access the choose file option, or drag and drop the files you want to split.
  3. Decide which split option is perfect for you. For example, you can choose Split by Year, Split by Sender, or Split by Size options.
  4. Click on the “Split MBOX file” Button, and you will see that your MBOX files have been split.

Why Choose Google Takeout Online Splitter to Split the Files?

Splitting the large mailbox file with the help of online splitter utility is the best solution for everyone. This online splitter solution is perfect and can be extremely helpful in the following cases.

  • To Keep your File Organized

Using Google Takeout online splitter helps us to keep the files wholly organised. As we have access to huge MBOX files, splitting them into small files is essential so that your information remains organised entirely.

  • Easy to Share Information

Our Google Takeout online splitter makes it easy to share information with others. If you want to share your work with others through email records, you can split the huge email files by accessing our Google Takeout online splitter.

  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Many organizations are bound by regulatory requirements regarding how to keep their email archives, how to store data, etc. By accessing our software, you will easily follow these compliance rules and regulations when you split the Large mailbox folder into small files.

  • Easy Switch to New Platform

If you are looking forward to migrating your email from one platform to another, our Google Takeout splitter solution can help you quickly achieve your goal.

  • Easy and Effective Management

You can quickly and effectively manage your information and records as the MBOX files. Split Google Takeout files into MBOX are easy to operate and help reduce the chaos.


Why should you opt for Split Google Takeout Files?

Google Takeout gives your personal information in Zip folders. Therefore, we first extract these files in Mail folders. These MBOX folders are pretty hefty; thus, choosing to split Google take-outtake-out files into small Mail files using an automated online splitter software is excellent for us.

Q2. What are the facilities of MBOX Automated Online Splitter Solution?

This solution permits us to manage our information smoothly. Moreover, it also offers different and convenient ways to split the hefty MBOX files. Users can choose to split the files by accessing the Split by Year, Split by Size, and Split by Sender options.

Q3. How can we automate the Splitting of Google Takeout files?

An online splitter cannot fully automate the files, yet it provides a user-friendly interface. However, you can also use the offline SysTools MBOX Splitter solution.

Q4. Can we split the MBOX file directly from a Google Takeout Zip file?

You can’t split the MBOX file directly from a Google Takeout Zip file. You will have to extract the mailbox file first from the Google Takeout Zip, and then you can easily split the file using the extractor.

The Closing Notion

Do you worry about facing many challenges in managing cumbersome email archives? Don’t worry; our online Google Takeout Splitter allows you to split Google Takeout Files easily and avoid getting trapped in a large MBOX file. Are you brooding over how to do it? With our Online Google Takeout Splitter, you can easily divide large Google Takeout mailbox files into small yet manageable parts.

With our online splitter software, you can easily access these email archives and split them using three essential options. The first is to split the files using the split by year option, the second is to split the files using the split by sender option, and the third is to split by size option.

You can easily manage these email archives using the best software. It will help you end all the chaos and make your large MBOX files more manageable by splitting them into smaller sizes. So, immediately resolve all your hassles by choosing MBOX Google Takeout Online Splitter. Grab the best deals now with us!